M. Schaefer, B. Karasözen, Y. Uludağ, K. Yapıcı and Ö. Uğur, Numerical Method for Optimizing Stirrer Configurations, Computers & Chemical Engineering, 30(2), pp. 183-190, (December 2005).


A numerical approach for the numerical optimization of stirrer configurations is presented. The methodology is based on a parametrized grid generator, a flow solver, and a mathematical optimization tool, which are integrated into an automated procedure. The flow solver is based on the discretization of the Navier-Stokes equations by means of the finite-volume method for block-structured, boundary-fitted grids with multi-grid acceleration and parallelization by grid partitioning. The optimization tool is an implementation of a trust region based derivative-free method. It is designed to minimize smooth functions whose evaluations are considered expensive and whose derivatives are not available or not desirable to approximate. An exemplary application illustrates the functionality and the properties of the proposed method.

Keywords: stirrer, numerical optimisation, derivative-free optimisation, computational fluid dynamics, parallel computing