D. Altıntan, Ö. Uğur, Solution of Initial and Boundary Value Problems by the Variational Iteration Method, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 259(B), pp. 790-797, (March 2014).


The Variational Iteration Method (VIM) is an iterative method that obtains the approximate solution of differential equations. In this paper, it is proven that whenever the initial approximation satisfies the initial conditions, VIM obtains the solution of Initial Value Problems (IVPs) with a single iteration. By using this fact, we propose a new algorithm for Boundary Value Problems (BVPs): linear and nonlinear ones. Main advantage of the present method is that it does not use Green’s function, however, it has the same effect that it produces the exact solution to linear problems within a single, but simpler, integral. In order to show the effectiveness of the method we give some examples including linear and nonlinear BVPs.

Keywords: Variational Iteration Method, Initial Value Problems, Boundary Value Problems, Green’s Function